Monday, July 26, 2010

Little Man's Big Adventure

It was a rough day for Little Man. Dad and I had a time getting him to relax so we could get a halter on him today. He fought, boy did he fight. The poor man fell over slamming his body on the ground quite a few times. He even hit the ground so hard one time that he just laid there for a bit. We think he might have knocked the wind out of himself. He is much easier to hold on to, I probably could have held him but I am just learning how to deal with the horses, especially the babies. You don't want to wait to long to work with them because they grow fast and do get size that makes it rougher to deal with when trying to train them. We are halter breaking all the babies so we only have Little Girl left and she is out in the pasture enjoying freedom but boy when we get her locked up and put the halter on her, I think she might give us the hardest time. She is pretty strong. Little Man isn't as big as the other two babies and more able to be controlled, his momma stayed out the way but did show concern and was coming over to see what was happening, unlike Big Man's momma who didn't even flinch. Learning what it takes to develop a well breed horse is fascinating and I am truly enjoying it. If there were no flies outside and especially around the horses I'd be with them constantly. I love these animals, they are very special and when you treat them well and love them they treat you well and love you back. This does not mean they aren't unpredictable because they are, you never put complete trust into any animal that is where people go wrong, but you can put trust into them, know that they don't mean to hurt you if they do, sometimes they are just trying to get out of the way or something has frightened them which makes them react. What I hate most is when people who have such magnificiant animals don't treat them right, letting them starve or have babies but don't do what is needed to take care of them. I believe animals, pets, deserve as much respect as humans, we need to treat them like God treats us, with respect and love. We have a long way to go in the training and breaking of the babies but the process is fun and it teaches you patience which you all know I need. Plus I have the need to make sure they are okay all the time, I worry for them like I do anything I love. Little Man hit the ground so many times I was a little bit scared for him and very concerned, I wanted him to relax and give in to what were trying to do with him, it wasn't to hurt him at all, it is to make him stronger and better. This process is going to be fun. Keep yall posted.

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