Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Well I got back from our family reunion which took place in Evansville, Indiana, this past 4ht of July weekend. I hadn't been to a family reunion since I was a little little kid. 415 folk showed up, 300 or so didn't come imagine that. It was a fun time. Got to meet many and see those I hadn't seen in years. It was eye opening and made me realize how lucky I am to be apart of the family. We have some really beautiful people in my family, and I mean physically and all. And everyone seems successful, though the economy has hit a few they keep going forward, amazing to have that in a family large. My uncle Alton is the second oldest member that was at the reunion, I grew up knowing him, he is 85 and still kicking, there was one man older than him but probably only by a year or two and they are first cousins and lookes so much alike. That is the thing about family when you see them you begin to really see yourself, you can turn and see someone who looks like you but is a 3rd cousin or maybe even a 4th, you can see clearly the family resemblances, it was crazy and exciting to see all the connections. One dark spot was I had a huge, knock out fight with my sister in our hotel room. My dad witnessed the whole thing. What I learned about how my sister really feels about me was very eye opening, she is a trip, she hates me to say the least and one day I will write about our relationship and make it into a play. I guess the truth is you don't pick your family, you can't, you are just born into it and you can't pick your siblings, they just come with the territory, what you can do is elect to deal with them or not. You don't have to be friends or even associate, what you can do is be cordial and stay out of each others way, let your siblings live their lives and you live yours. Love the from afar.

Anyway, beyond that I am having a good time in my life here in Mississippi. The horses were well taken care of, my man handled that, and the house was secure. My dad and I are getting back into work mode around the ranch, today we cleared a feeder out of a bunch of bushes that had grown around it, got post out of there as well and I emptied pots of weeds that were growing in them. I was trying to start from a seed, some plants but it didn't work, so I am starting over. I plan to purchase the plants already started instead of starting from seeds. I want herbs and create a small herb garden, it would be really cool and we could have fresh spices and things to put into our food. Next I want to create a small garden in our back yard, haven't found a spot since my dad has the place looking great with lawn and pasture for the horses, but I am looking. I want to put in a lemon tree, apple tree and if possible a orange tree. In the garden I'd like collard or turnip greens, peas, squash, maybe some sweet corn, cuccumbers, egg plant and something else with color, not really into tomatos but maybe them just cause every garden has them. I want my daddy and I to eat healthier, we both need to lose weight and are going to. I want my daddy around for a long time and I'd like to live a long time. I also have to plant some colorful flowers around the house, dad is saying this like everyday so i am getting together with our neighbor and she is going to show me a thing or two, she has done wonders around her home, builds everything makes everything without the help of her husband or with it when its really heavy stuff she needs done. Its a great project to get into garden, makes your place look amazing. So before summer is up I am starting that. I started a cleanse diet yesterday, 3 days of water and 9 days of juice, fruit and veggie. My juicer came in the day before we left for the reunion and I am excited to use it. I need to clean my system out and hopefully kick start my weight lose. Dad and I need to lose 20lbs each by Sept.

I gotta cut this short as my man is sitting in the family room falling asleep and we haven't visited yet. But now that our computer is working again, its was down folks sorry, I'll write everyday.

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