Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Live and learn

Okay I have the patience and time to write was I was trying to write Sunday but it didn't post. Saturday, my man and I went to a little town called Taylor. It has an artist community that I was made aware of and suggested to check out. It also has a world famous restaurant that is known for its catfish. And I mean world famous and from what I hear the catfish is out of this world. I plan to eat there soon, didn't have time to do it this weekend. While there we went to an antique store, fabulous, lots of country antique stuff, it is called Tin Pan Alley Art and Antiques. They had 2 swing beds, beds that you can hang from a rafter or ceiling that swing, I gotta get one for a porch. I purchased a buddha that I had been looking for for years, funny that I found it in this little town but isn't that the way things go. I got some candles and a bar of soap. In two weeks the plan is to go back and visit during the farmers market that is suppose to be great, I'll get a chance to see the artist of the community. There is a theatre in this town and we went to two galleries. One had art that my man's friend had works hanging in (found out my man knows someone who is an artist, go figure) and the other had some fabulous jewelry and paintings. We got caught in a rain storm that brought with it hail, yes hail in the summer and mind you it was 90 degrees and only went down to 75 because of the storm. When we have storms here there is loud thunder and lightening, some serious lightening, a power source had been struck so we found out from the gallery owners husband as he come in from driving in the storm, he saw black smoke and everything. I can say this was kinda romantic to be caught in a storm like this with my man while we were looking at jewelry and art and the lady who owned the store was just like what you see in movies, funky unique glasses bright colored dress lots of jewelry and wild hair speaking with a thick Mississippi accent, she was great. Everyone was very welcoming. I have to say that when folks find out I am not from the area they always ask how I like Oxford and then they welcome me and let me know I'll get to appreciate it even more. Oops gotta run and take my dad to get his windsheild replaced, the hazards of living in the country riding dirt and graveled roads is you often get cracked windsheilds, had mine replaced from my travel across country as a result of a damn 18 wheeler kicking up rocks. I'll come back to finish later this evening.

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