Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well its the end of the day, that means the chores of the ranch have been completed. I would have the remainder of the evening to go out if I wanted, but today is a stay at home day, fix dinner and prepare for my daddy's return, and I do mean my actual father, none of that calling my man daddy crap, please! I am to grown and too old. I am hungry to put on some 5 inch stilletos and a sexy revealing dress or tight pants and a top and go out, but truth be told at this time there isn't any where for me to wear these things to in Oxford, MS. Maybe I'll create a place, hummmmm or I can just plan to go to Memphis in the next few days to search for a hot spot. Either way I'm home bound tonight, what's on tv now that Real Housewives of New York is off?! Oh Bethany Getting Married!

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