Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Live and learn

Okay I have the patience and time to write was I was trying to write Sunday but it didn't post. Saturday, my man and I went to a little town called Taylor. It has an artist community that I was made aware of and suggested to check out. It also has a world famous restaurant that is known for its catfish. And I mean world famous and from what I hear the catfish is out of this world. I plan to eat there soon, didn't have time to do it this weekend. While there we went to an antique store, fabulous, lots of country antique stuff, it is called Tin Pan Alley Art and Antiques. They had 2 swing beds, beds that you can hang from a rafter or ceiling that swing, I gotta get one for a porch. I purchased a buddha that I had been looking for for years, funny that I found it in this little town but isn't that the way things go. I got some candles and a bar of soap. In two weeks the plan is to go back and visit during the farmers market that is suppose to be great, I'll get a chance to see the artist of the community. There is a theatre in this town and we went to two galleries. One had art that my man's friend had works hanging in (found out my man knows someone who is an artist, go figure) and the other had some fabulous jewelry and paintings. We got caught in a rain storm that brought with it hail, yes hail in the summer and mind you it was 90 degrees and only went down to 75 because of the storm. When we have storms here there is loud thunder and lightening, some serious lightening, a power source had been struck so we found out from the gallery owners husband as he come in from driving in the storm, he saw black smoke and everything. I can say this was kinda romantic to be caught in a storm like this with my man while we were looking at jewelry and art and the lady who owned the store was just like what you see in movies, funky unique glasses bright colored dress lots of jewelry and wild hair speaking with a thick Mississippi accent, she was great. Everyone was very welcoming. I have to say that when folks find out I am not from the area they always ask how I like Oxford and then they welcome me and let me know I'll get to appreciate it even more. Oops gotta run and take my dad to get his windsheild replaced, the hazards of living in the country riding dirt and graveled roads is you often get cracked windsheilds, had mine replaced from my travel across country as a result of a damn 18 wheeler kicking up rocks. I'll come back to finish later this evening.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Closing/Beginning a week

Ohhhhh hell, I had written this post for yall, about the BET Awards and my man and what I did today and yesterday and the damn thing didn't post so screw it! I am hitting the sack and I'll try yall in the morning. But let me say one thing, Queen Latifah looked good tonight, loved the white finale dress she rocked, and........ I am blessed to have the man I have in my life right now, he is patient like Jesus on the cross and I so am not and thank god he balances me. You are loved MP. Night yall.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mommy is home!

Well its been a couple days since last I wrote, a few things have happened. But first let me remind everyone who reads this blog that I am not going to sugar coat anything I write, their may be words yall don't like, if you don't like what is said that is fine and you can comment or never read my stuff, and if you do like it please comment make suggestions, keep reading, whatever. This blog is me writing about MY life as it is, I am not the best writer nor am I trying to be, I just want to get what's in me out so I can grow. I hope this makes since. With that said our black mare is home. She will be the only one having a baby next year, I told my daddy that baby is going to be spoiled :-). The 3 babies we have now, Little Girl, Big Man and Little Man, just nick names, we haven't chosen their registered names yet, that is a process and I'll tell yall about it as we work on it. Anyway, the 3 babies are doing well, Little Girl and Big Man are in the larger pasture with their mothers and they play together, so cute. They are growing fast, becoming more and more confident everyday. They walk further away from their mothers and often are in another area away from them, but trust when they notice the distance they begin to nay and look for them, and sometimes their mama's nay and look for them if they haven't seen them in a bit. My dad says that at 2 & almost 3 months they are equivalent to a child of 7 or 8. Each day is a milestone in the life of a horse, so when Little Man began to come up to me and let me touch him last week that was huge. It seemed to take him much longer to get used to me or my dad and now he will at times run up to see us. Everyday we scratch his body, this is to help them feel comfortable with human touch, not have fear of it. He now walks away from his mama and he has met the other babies who were walking into the stall next to him to say hi, he even called them over. I began scratching his butt like I did the others, Little Girl loves it, and he now will come to me and turn his butt so I can scratch it. Its funny but I am glad he realizes that we mean him no harm. I kiss all the babies when they let me, they are to precious, but my dad is stopping me from speaking to them in baby tones, you know how we do with little babies, daddy says I have to use my adult voice so they can get used to that and respond to it, but it hard not to want to speak to them like they are babies. The mares are doing well, they are all very relaxed with us around their babies and their only want is to be fed, especially the grain we give them, its sweet with molasses in it so they love it, we give it to them twice a day, other than that, they like it when we rub them and kill horse flies that get on them. I didn't get up and help daddy feed the crew today, I was tired, one thing living in the country does is tire you out, or maybe its the damn heat in Mississippi, I feel so tired when I get up in the morning and we start our day at 7am. My alarm goes off at 6:30 but I hit the beeatch until 7. We have to start the day early so we can work in before the sun really begins to beam. Last Wednesday I painted the new section of the fence we added, I started at like 7:45am and was finished at 9:45, that was my work outside for the day, except to feed the horses later. By 11am here in Oxford, MS its burning hot when you are in direct sun, and when there is no wind, DAMN ITS HOT! I haven't lost any weight that I can tell, but I am just now becoming focused again on what I ingest. I was drinking a bit to much these past few months, I am sure depression from lack of acting work living in LA and the lose of my mommy had to do with all that, but now I am getting back on the wagon and hope to be at least 20 lbs lighter come this fall. I kinda have to be cause I'm teaching at the university this year and I want to a) look good & b) be able to move around the campus. Yoga is going to be my thing, I'll keep yall informed of how that goes. Lets see what else has happened, Oh I did get some culture, I saw Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, last night which is being done through the Oxford Shakespeare Festival, yes they have one created by a professor on campus, been going 7 years now. Its was.......okay. I was confused by a few things and the acting..........a couple folks were good, but others I just didn't understand, but it was fun to get out and see some live theatre. I do have to say that my friend and I were 2 of only 3 black folk in the audience, so sad and oh yeah I'll be making comments about that part of my life in Oxford, I can't ignore it. There is a black theatre in Memphis and I hope to be doing some work with them soon, keep ya posted on that development. Our neighbor is bush hogging our pasture right now, my boyfriend (its a miracle I have one) and he is country, I'll tell yall about him, names may be changes to protect the identity of the person, but you'll hear about him, anyway he says this is cutting grass and bushes so that new fresh grass can grow and keep trees out of the pasture for the horses, its "saving the pasture" yeah he is country, grew up doing all this stuff and you ain't heard the best of it.

On another note, my mommy came home today, well her ashes did and I was the one to sign for them. For those who don't know, my mom past away last September 22nd after battling Multiple Sclerosis for 25 years. She was an amazing woman, strong, funny, direct, real and loving and I was her first born so much of me seems to be like her. She taught me what it is to be a woman and I only hope I am honoring her in my actions. My mom and dad's wish upon passing is to have their bodies donated to science, so my mom's body was being learned from. She finally came home today, now we have to get a beautiful urn to put her in. She would be proud of the progress my dad and I have made here on the ranch though we have a long way to go, a lot of what she wanted to have done I am going to be sure is complete. Well I am wrapping this up for now, gotta go to a little town called Taylor where there is an artist community I am told and my man (funny I am able to say that) is sitting waiting on me. I'll check back in later.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well its the end of the day, that means the chores of the ranch have been completed. I would have the remainder of the evening to go out if I wanted, but today is a stay at home day, fix dinner and prepare for my daddy's return, and I do mean my actual father, none of that calling my man daddy crap, please! I am to grown and too old. I am hungry to put on some 5 inch stilletos and a sexy revealing dress or tight pants and a top and go out, but truth be told at this time there isn't any where for me to wear these things to in Oxford, MS. Maybe I'll create a place, hummmmm or I can just plan to go to Memphis in the next few days to search for a hot spot. Either way I'm home bound tonight, what's on tv now that Real Housewives of New York is off?! Oh Bethany Getting Married!

The First Blog

Hey there folks, I am up and running. Welcome to my first blog. This will be a blog, much like a diary for me, of my life on the ranch. Let me give you a bit of background: I was raised in primarily in the city but lived on a ranch for the first two years of my high school life, I am now 40 and back on the ranch. I am an actress who has lived in LA, Boston, Oregon, Seattle and New York and now I'm in Oxford, Mississippi. It is interesting, exciting, beautiful, but at times it can be frustrating. I hope to share as much of my experience as I can with you, and hopefully something will be gained for me and for those who read this blog. The first thing I'd like to say is that Missisippi is not what you think it is and at the same time it is what you think it is. It is green and beautiful and people are friendly and helpful, but there is a seperation by just a few, not all, just a few who still have that 1800's mentality. There is a slower pace here, patience is a virtue here, but it's okay, there are city folks like me who have moved to this place and many places in Mississippi, who are bringing some progressive thought processes as well as learning to settle down and relax, truly relax and appreciate the calmness and history of the South. I look forward to sharing with you my life in the country on the ranch. I do want to hear feed back and commentary so please chime in.