Monday, December 13, 2010

Laughing at what life brings you

to be honest I am only going to chat briefly as its late and I do need to get to bed so I can get up and go on a 2 mile run, yes in the freezing cold I am attempting this. Anyway, I have been having a very interesting relationship with a man hundreds of miles away yet he feels close, maybe to close, LOL. Okay I was introduced to this man to get his advice about teaching at a southern university, though he actually is in an eastern area school, Indiana University. We started off speaking professionally but it quickly went to another realm of reality. We have a few things in common but we are beginning our little friendship off kinda tumultuously. We seem to not understand each others humor or sarcasm. He is a brotha from LA working on his Ph.D, a fraternity guy and college professor. To sum him up, cockey egotistical SOB going thru a divorce. Now you'd think someone who is going through a divorce might, well rethink his approach to women and come a little less arrogantly, but no this brotha is confident he is grand enough to make any woman swoon. He hadn't met me until now and he has found that I am not easily impressed. We have had verbal and text disagreements, I just can't get on his side and he can't seem to get on mine, yet he really wants to be, wants to try hard....yeah right. In 8 days of just texting and two verbal conversations I made up my mind that he is not the one. Reminded me of an old boyfriend that took me 4 years to get rid of and I ended up getting very screwed in that old relationship. Its like listen to the gut, listen to what you know to be true and move on, its okay, someone else is on his way. I do say I like that he was educated and at times funny, and it appears he is capable of living outside of LA, however, the constant trying to defend myself or explain myself and him having to do the same for me as well as his want to have text sex or phone sex (LOL, you read right) became annoying and he began to aggravate me and I know I did him. Its funny that he wanted me to keep giving it time, he is so sure that in time we will get past all this cause we are getting to know each other and it does happen that some relationships that start off tumultuous end up the most loving. I am not so sure I am willing to place my bet on that one, been there tried that didn't work!

Other than that interesting bit of life, its cold as hell in Oxford. My feet and hands itch due to the darn heat and cold mix. I have to get used to this winter weather again, don't have my NYC toughness but I have been going out in it and doing work outs as you read above. I tell ya I am on a mission cause I am sick of whining and crying and feeling ugly, to lose weight. I have seen pictures of myself this holiday season and I am appalled at how fat I look, disgusted! and I am tired tired tired of talking about it, plus I am about the teach some college kids I want to look appealing at least. Help! Okay so we have had a little cat adopt us here on the ranch it stays in the hay stacks and dad has taken to feeding it. Its cute fluffy and I do feed it as well, only thing is I am pretty sure she belongs to someone else and I sure wouldn't want to take someone else baby. I am thinking about getting a Pomeranian and a kitten to raise up :-) we shall see. I still want an Australian Sheep dog, very ranch dog. But more animals require more responsibility and time to care for them so i am not sure I am ready to commit to it.

Well I need to hit the sack, was up till 4am with that nutty professor keeping me on the phone trying to get me to talk dirty to him, he'll say he wasn't but I know the truth and so does he!

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