Friday, December 3, 2010

Fall is here In Oxford

Now its a damn shame I haven't written in, but I have kind of an excuse. I did a play with Hattiloo Theatre, that was fun, stressful, challenging, and unfortunately not as well received as we wanted it to be. I studied to take the Life Insurance exam in Mississippi, I failed missed by 3 points, bummer. And now for the fun exciting good news: I will be teaching this coming spring, 2011 at the University of Mississippi that is Ole Miss to most, and I will be shooting an independent film in May. What will I be teaching you might ask, well Theatre Appreciation and Audition Technique. One class will have up to 400 students, Uh yeah I mean I am a force but uhhhhh we will see how much of one I really am with this class, the other is 12-16 theatre majors, so you know they are fun, emotional and willing to work. I have to say I am very excited about teaching seems that I am following in my parents foot steps. I think my Mommy is looking down at me now saying "Fool I kept trying to get you to go into teaching, but I am glad you finally saw the light" :-) Daddy seems to be proud, telling a couple people about it, his feathers are puffed up :-) He gives me great advice about the academic world and how to maneuver in it. I am looking for a theatre professor mentor who could really give me some guidance on academia and being an artist.

Okay what else has happened on the ranch, oh our yearling filly sliced the front part of her tongue off a couple weeks back. I was going to feed her and the 3 year old and saw something that I thought was a leaf hanging from her mouth but when I tried to get it I noticed it didn't just fall off like it would from her moving, so I looked again and then I saw her tongue hanging out her mouth. Called dad over and he was like OH SHIT, what the hell, how did she do that?! so we separated her and the 3 year old called the doc and he came in the morning. Funny thing was she wasn't in any pain just wanted to eat. I went out to check on her that night to see if she was okay, and low and behold the hanging tongue came off and was in the dirt, I called dad told him to bring me a plastic bag, you know to save the tongue incase the doc wanted to sow it back on, and picked up the piece of meat. It was the front tip of her tongue. So the Doc came said she would be fine and would just have an odd shaped tongue, gave her a shot and that was that. Oh the things animals do. We aren't sure how she sliced it but probably on a piece of metal on her feeder licking it got it caught and pulled hard to get it out and slice! Did you read that I picked up the tongue and put it in the plastic I becoming a ranch girl or what :-)! Then last weekend the 3 year old filly got a bit of colic, now let me tell you a little about colic, if a horse gets this they will roll, meaning lay on the ground and roll because they are trying to relieve the pain in their belly. When they roll it twist their intestines and that is not good at all, once the intestines are twisted and if they are bad the horse will die. So daddy saw Cody (the 3 year old) laying down when he went to feed her and her partner the yearling filly (High), she didn't get up to come eat and that is a sign something ain't right. So he comes in racing to call the vet and tells me the 3 year old is down. I had just gotten in from a 2 mile run didn't notice my girls not acknowledging me in the morning, usually I see everyone when I head out, so I quickly got dressed and went out to see what was up. We got her on the lead rope and walked her so she wouldn't lay down, vet came gave her a pain relieving shot said her bowels were moving and that is good that she probably had a mild case of colic we just had to watch her. We stayed out with her from 8am til 2pm, I walked her a lot and talked to her, we gave her some mineral oil, to help her go boom boom, she did once for me so what was good but her belly seemed to still hurt she wanted to lay down, again we didn't want her to do that, I called the vet again at 12p after dad and I gave her a 2nd pain shot he said see how she does and if in an hour she is still looking sad call him he would come out. Well in just past an hour she seemed to be getting a little better but the vet arrived anyway (way to go vet came without the call, he knows how important our animals are to us) The vet gave her some mineral oil thru a tub that went up her nose, never had seen that before but its much better than fighting them trying to get it down their throat through their mouth, that can be hazardous. Finally let her go and she went to have water which is a great sign and she didn't try to lay down which is and even better sign. I did post on my facebook page pictures of her and the yearling laying down next to each other, that was the colic day. Cody is doing much better now, eating and drinking water, sometimes it takes a week for them to get back to normal so each day she is getting back to her old self. I had my dad give me the vet book on horses and I read a bit of it that day, it was interesting. I thought to myself hell I should have become a vet, but the thing is I love animals so much it would hurt me to see them when they are not at their best I don't know how I'd handle it.

Well that is all the excitement that has taken place in the past few months. I am still single, slowly losing weight, Oh i did a 5 day juice fast fantastic, thinking of becoming a vegan, slowly making the transition, (creating a garden have the location mapped out and have begun two compost barrels) and jogging 2 miles a day about to up it to 2 1/2. My plan is to lose at least 10 lbs before I begin teaching this spring so I can wear what is in my closet, and by next September be down to 125lbs, got a ways to go but I am not 192lbs down from 200lbs so I figure I am on my way :-) I'll of course keep yall posted, and at some point I'll put up pictures, you guys I am sure would want to see pictures of our ranch and the horses and all the changes taking place right?!

Until next time -
Peace and blessing,

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