Friday, August 13, 2010

Circle of Life

Yesterday was my sisters birthday, boy she is growing up and getting old, LOL. Love her though can't help it.

We fed the horses and cleaned the yard. It was hot at 8am, I mean damn hot. We worked in the yard until 10am and let me tell you I was pouring sweat like a whore in church, like a pig over a fire pit. Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip etc. We raked up the grass that dad had cut, it was a work out trust me. The horses were like, its to hot to do much of anything but find shade and eat. Our Big Man is 3 months now and Little Girl will be 4 months tomorrow, soon they will be weened. Its so sad that they have to depart from their moms soon, they are getting big, growing up and becoming such beautiful horses. We really have some amazing animals, such gorgeousness. My dad breeds our mares well. The unfortunate part is that the industry is financially affected by the economy, so what would have sold for ridiculous amounts of money doesn't. Our babies are worth so much, but you have to answer to the economy and what everyone in the industry is doing. While at the sale in Memphis it was so clear that no one was able to afford much even for well bread horses. Its a tough industry but its worth the work that is entailed in it. I look forward to learning more about it.

I am spreading myself a little thin though, acting, dealing with the horses, working out everyday, and finding a lucrative career to take on. But I do this, its my MO as they say, I have to be doing more than one thing at a time or I wouldn't be content. Keeps my mind going, and makes me feel like I am achieving my goals, well actually I am achieving them. I realized that I am truly blessed, blessed to be from the family I am, to have the things I do and for living the life I live. Its pretty special to be able to hang with my daddy and learn his passion as well as pursue mine. I have had to learn that life isn't always what you think it should be but it is what its suppose to be and my life is pretty good as it is. I have met some really great people in Oxford, I was hopeful I would but I wasn't sure I would. So far I've been able to enjoy everyone I have hung out with. Yesterday I was invited to join a group of wine/liquor tasters, made up of mostly professors from the campus who have transplanted here to teach. I was welcomed in and found what I hope will be some pretty great friends. Oxford, MS is small, and there are some weird differences here, things I am not used to, but it has its cool points as well. Everyone should come visit me in Oxford, while I am still here :-)

Another note, Paul Rudd, a teacher at Actor's Studio Drama School, passed away yesterday. I never had him as my teacher, I got to do a work shop with him and I was always able to talk to him about acting and he was always a joy and honest and to the point. A great artist, a great man of love, he was cherished by all of us at ASDS and will be missed terribly, but if we have belief in anything have belief that one day we will meet again and it will be with loads of light and great music, sex, dancing, laughing, performing and good wine. Much love to you Mr. Rudd, until we meet agian, cheers!


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